Saturday, 27 October 2012

China/Vietnam/Cambodia Bound!

We are slowly but surely drawing toward our departure date for China, Vietnam and Cambodfia. The signs are everywhere: the food in the fridge has dwindled to the bare necessities, our suitcases are lying open in our bedroom waiting for last minute additions and deletions, our ipods and ipads are fully loaded with entertainment for the long trip, we have purchased our Chinese Yuan, finally got our Visas and have arranged for someone to take care of the dog. 

The last week has been a blur as we say good-bye to friends and family. Since we will only be home for five days before departing for our winter getaway to Arizona and Mexico, there is an urgency to get caught up on those last minute visits. Having friends and family who so openly express their sadness as seeing us go is touching, but it also speaks to the power of attachment. When we allow others to touch our hearts in a deep and meaningful way, it hurts to be apart. It feels good to be missed, but not so good to miss. I treasure my friends and family, and am so grateful to have meaningful relationships. I only hope to be a friend who is worthy of such trust, and to do my best to stay connected. Thus, this blog, while not terribly personal, will hopefully bridge this separation. I have many people on my prayer list, and have tried to let everyone know that I will be praying for them. When I look up at the moon, I will be thinking of everyone back home. I hope that you do the same, and send my husband and I your prayers and good wishes for a safe and happy journey!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Happy 40th Birthday, Chris!

Happy 40th Birthday, Chris!

Today is your 40th birthday. How well I remember that day when I laid on the couch after a wonderful turkey dinner at your grandmother’s house, thinking that I had eaten too much. Your grandfather looked at me and said, “I think you might be in labour.” Since you were my first child, I had no idea if he was right, but soon enough it became clear that I was not suffering turkey pains!
Your delivery was quick and relatively easy, but I was surprised to see that you had blond hair and blue eyes, not at all how I had imagined you. I’m sorry that we teased you over the years about how you belonged to the mailman, as your dad, myself and your younger brother Ben all have dark hair and brown eyes. Over the years, it became increasingly clear how very much you had inherited both the tall and lanky build from my side of the family and your father’s quick wit and sense of adventure. Without a doubt, you belonged to our family, and we all loved you dearly. I still marvel at your handsome blond receding hairline and those beautiful blonde eyes!
As you grew older, you demonstrated a strong, intelligent, personality. Your teachers always commented on your keen curiosity and love of current events and world affairs. I so admired your knowledge and insights in politics and world events, although I thought that you were a bit out there on your conspiracy theories. It was fun to engage with you in deep and meaningful philosophic conversations.
I also admired your strong work ethic and trying to make a successful life for yourself. This is a value that both your father and I hold dear, and it was so great to see you making your own path.  It was clear that you were well on your way to being able to enjoy the life that you wanted for yourself!
Chris, I miss you so much! You have been gone for 7 ½ years now, and although the ache is less severe and comes less often, I cannot help but wish that you had not walked out in front of that speeding taxi! How could you not have seen it and how could you not have been more careful with yourself? You were well taught as a youngster to look both ways. How different life could be today if you were still with us. We could be celebrating your 40th properly with joy and the fullness of love that always came when you were around instead of an ache in our hearts that will never go away. Happy birthday, my beautiful son.
Love, Mom