Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Tired, but happy to be finished!
It's hard to believe that I started running almost 40 years ago! This amazing sport has allowed me to stay healthy and fit all these years with manageable ease, expense and effort. I have loved that it gets me out of doors in all types of weather, and that it enables me to see parts of the cities that we are staying in that I would not see otherwise.

This weekend marks the first of many half marathons that I intend to do this year. My goal is to complete at least one a month, and sometimes more. Any ordinary person would certainly be justified to ask why I would want to do such a thing. I'm not really sure, except that I like to set goals, and once I do, I am pretty much determined to complete them. So, this year, my goal is to do at least 12 half marathons, and one full marathon. Crazy yes, but at least I'll be fit when they lock me up!

Bryce and I with Mom
I consider myself very fortunate to be able to set such a goal, and even more fortunate to be in a position to complete it! While running today, I reflected on the many people that make such a goal attainable. First, I want to honour my mother, who passed away last month. She was such a great role model for me, living a life of health and fitness based on healthy eating and doing what she loved, swimming and dancing. I felt her running with me this morning, and, as always, I know that she was proud of my accomplishment.

The second person that encourages me in my running lifestyle is my wonderful husband Bryce. Although he is not a runner, he is my greatest fan, and I am grateful that he is here with me this weekend, sharing my passion. We have had lots of fun exploring the city together.
Bryce and his initials!

On every run, I say a little prayer, thanking God that my body is strong and healthy enough to be able to run long distance. I always pray to run for His glory!

There are thousands of volunteers that make a run like this possible, from those at the registration tables, to the people handing out water along the course and those handing out medals and refreshments at the finish line. My favourite is the little guy, about 4 years old, who was handing out Gatorade and the many groups of cheerleaders who came out to yell, scream and clap, making the runners feel like we really were doing something special.

The city of Dallas itself is such a welcoming place, with that down home "Howdy" attitude that makes you feel comfortable. We have enjoyed the different tourist sites, and this afternoon, we plan to visit the Kennedy museum. We have had a terrific trip, and hope to be able to come back soon.
Spot where Kennedy was shot
 (between the white and red car)
Beautiful courthouse museum "Old Red" circa 1890

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