Thursday, 5 June 2014

Colca Canyon Day 2

Yippee! We were up at 5:00 am to set off to see more of the canyon. If we were planning this trip again, we would have definitely have stayed for another day in this beautiful place. I would highly recommend the Colca Canyon Lodge, especially for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Since Marianne and I left our partners at home, we will have to come back another day, so off we went in search of more adventures!

On the way, we stopped at Yunque, where the vendors were already set up, and the dancers were putting on a wonderful show.

How could you not buy from this lovely lady?

A liitle further down the road, we stopped at another little village called Acholma village, which was named after a plant. Note the terraces on the mountain, these are from from the time of the Incas, and are typical throughout the mountainous regions of Peru. The upper terraces are for growing such things as potatoes, the middle terrace for quinua and corn, and the bottom terrace for avocados, oranges and melons.

Our next stop was a little village called Maca, which means "beautiful girl" in spanish. An earthquake destroyed the village in 1991, but most of the church was left standing.

I love the clothing in the different villages. Different styles of hats, colours, and decoration such as embroidery, lace or pompons indicate which village people are from.

Our next stop was at the overlook to Magical Lake. It is called this because it changes colour from morning to afternoon to evening.

After about 45 minutes on a very bumpy dirt road, we arrived at the condor viewing area. According to our guide, condors live for about 50 years. There are two two different types of condors. The Andean condor is found in the Colca Canyon, with a wing span of up to three meters.

And of course, handicraft stands! Note the lovely embroidery on this lady's clothing.

After a four hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Arequipa. Yippee, we have a day off tomorrow. Sleep in, rest, explore the city, do some shopping. We are really looking forward to it!



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