Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day Four: Jet Lagged Jordy!

Jordy just couldn’t drag herself out of bed today, so after laying around the pool for a few hours, I set off to do some exploring on my own. I decided to head back to Halki, one of the towns that we had driven through yesterday, as it looked so quaint. Halki is a very old town, with narrow lanes overgrown with grape vines and backed by olive groves. It is a fascinating town, as many of the townspeople still dress in the traditional way, and many of the lanes end in abandoned buildings overgrown with vines. There are also a few very old churches here, and even a castle!


Tower of Gratsia

St. George Diasoritis Byzantine Church
On my way back, I stopped at yet another very old church from the 6th century. I had to walk about a kilometre off the road to get to this one, but it was well worth the trek. It was so unbelievably peaceful, I was just happy to sit and contemplate the amazing history that is in this place, and the incredible link to my God. It brought tears to my eyes to be in such a beautiful place, and I felt what a beautiful, rare privilege this entire trip has been!

Church of Ayios Nikolaus

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