Monday, 13 May 2013

Day Three: The Wandering Wonder Women!

Getting up around 8:00 in the morning, it is 10:00 pm back home, so both of us like to go online to check emails and Jordan her Facebook. It is very strange to be on the opposite side of the clock from everyone back home, so we make sure to do all our connecting early morning and just before bed.  

After yet another delicious breakfast and a slow start to our morning, we finally set out to go exploring around 11:00. We set out to find the Cave of Zeus and Mount Zeus. Of course, we took a wrong turn, and instead of ending up in the middle of the island where the mountain is, we ended up driving clear across the island, ending up at a beautiful beach. While it was quite a spectacular site, we had absolutely no idea where we were, and no clue how to find our way back.
Hmmm, driving with Jordan as the navigator is much the same as driving with her grandfather as navigator, after much conversation about map reading skills, I finally pulled over to try to figure it out, but it really didn’t make much more sense to me than it did to Jordan. We turned around and went back the same way we came, stopping at every sign and trying to find it on the map to see if we could figure out where we were. The good thing about driving around this island is that there are interesting sites and beautiful scenery at every turn, so the adventure is fun whether you know where you are or not! Here are a few of the lovely sites that we found along the way.

Finally, we saw a sign pointing toward a town that was on the map, and as luck would have it, it was exactly the town that took us to the mountain and the cave.

After parking our car at the bottom of the hike, we started up a lovely path with set in paving stones, past natural springs; pretty luxurious for a hike, these Greeks really know how to make life easy for us tourists!
Not so fast, soon the path ended up and we had to pick our way straight up the mountain.

We scrambled over rocks large and small for about half an hour until we finally came to the cave. “I’m not going in there,” said Jordan, “there will be bats, and besides I’ve seen too many horror movies.” As I approached the cave, I decided that I was in complete agreement with her, as it was pitch black inside, with a dirt floor and who knows what inside. I changed my mind about the Greeks making things easy for us tourists. The least they could have done was paved the walkway and given us a few ceiling lights, but I guess that would have ruined the natural ambience of the place.

The views from the climb made the hike all worthwhile, and we were both grateful for a chance to work off some of the calories that we have taken in from the amazing Greek food that we have been feasting on. After getting lost a few more times, we finally made it back to our hotel to enjoy some sunbathing for a few hours before heading back into town for supper.

We got to witness a real Greek wedding at the church in the middle of town. It was so cool to see the bride being escorted to the church complete with violins and her entire family following her.

After wandering around town shopping for a few hours, we chose the restaurant with the most people in it for supper, as we figured that would likely have the best food. We were not disappointed, as we enjoyed the most delicious Greek salad and mousakka that I have ever had in my life! Ah, life is good on a Greek island, we may never come home!

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