Saturday, 24 May 2014

Day 4 Tambopato Lodge and on to Cusco

I awoke well before the alarm at 5:45, I guess all that sleep yesterday had left me well rested. I lay in bed just listening to the jungle sounds, waiting for Marianne to wake up. There is nothing like the forest in the morning, whether back home or here in South America. One bird makes a sound like water dripping, there is an increasing chirping of the smaller birds, a distant hooting of one bird and the cooing of another. It was still very cold, so I snuggled deeper in my quilt hoping to fall back to sleep. Finally I accepted the inevitable, and reluctantly climbed out of bed and into my muddy jeans from yesterday. However, the only pair of socks that I wore inside those stinky gumboots won't be seeing my feet until they go through the wash several times. It was either flip flops or bare feet in my hiking boots. I went for the warm hiking boots!

Wild tomato plant growing beside our lodge

It hadn't occurred to me when were packing a small pack just for the Amazon adventure that the weather might turn freezing cold, so I had brought a change of shorts and tank tops, but no long sleeved shirts or change of long pants and socks. Marianne, being much more methodical was well prepared, with virtually everything needed for all possibilities. Hmm, no sense in whining about my own short sightedness!

After yet another delicious breakfast, it was time to say good-bye to Tambapoto Lodge. Other than the cold weather, we enjoyed our stay very much, and would highly recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys adventure travel. Don't forget your rain gear and a change of warm weather clothes, though!

The South American raccoon came to say good-bye!

Given that we were going with the current, the canoe trip that took 3 hours coming only took 1 1/2 hours going. Good thing, since it was so much colder!

After a 45 minute bus ride and a quick repacking of everything, we were off to the airport for our trip to Cuzco. This was a quick 1 hour flight, but the view of the Andes was spectacular!


We left our new friends Katherine and Katherine on the plane, as they were flying through to Lima and on home to England. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them, and they were terrific partners for our daily mud trecks every day. We were competing to see who could get the muddiest, but I think we were all pretty equal for the number of times that we fell in the mud!

Cuzco is an absolutely delightful city, with all the modern conveniences, including electricity and wifi.....and we even have heat in our room! Ah, life is so much better when you're warm!

Cuzco from the air.

Our hotel is delightful, in a great location, with many lovely shops and restaurants. The food here is excellent, with food from all parts of the world. The people are lovely and warm, and we had lots of fun interacting with them in the shops.

Rumi Punku Hotel.

Tomorrow, we will do some more shopping and go on a city tour. Now, we are looking forward to a good night's sleep in in our nice warm hotel room!


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