Saturday, 24 May 2014

Up the Amazon

After an hour long bus ride into the jungle, we headed up the Tambapato River, which is a tributary of the Amazon. Off we went, cameras clicking, heading out to the Tambopato Eco lodge, deep in the heart of the Amazon. There are 20 of us from assorted countries, including England, Scotland, Australia, the U.S., and interestingly, at least 6 other people from the Vancouver area. We Canadians are adventurous folk!
Along the way, we saw unbelievable amounts of butterflies, flying in huge clusters, a cayman, and some macaws. Before boarding, we were instructed to apply copious amounts of mosquito repellent, as this is malaria and yellow fever country, but we haven't seen a mosquito yet!

Given that this is the RAIN forest, we were told to expect rain every day. We did have a huge downpour on the boat ride, but fortunately they had large plastic sheets that we were able to drop from the roof of the boat to form walls to keep us dry. And afterward, of course, the most beautiful rainbow!

wild guinea pig
Home sweet home!

We arrived at the lodge at 5:00, and after being briefed as to safety precautions, were shown to our cabin.   The accomodations are lovely, complete with our own porch, which includes a hammock. Ah, the chance to completely relax.After supper, we went for a night walk in the jungle, where we saw many spiders, sleeping butterflies, a sleeping hummingbird, and a tiny little tree frog.

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