Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Driving to Puerto Vallarta

Life is full of adventure, and we are fortunate to be heading off on another one! We are presently in Nogales Arizona, which is right on the border with Mexico. We are heading to Puerto Vallarta in our jeep, with two month’s worth of clothes, books, magazines, cokes and chips. When we phoned to book our motel for the night, we were surprised to hear that both the Holiday Inn and Best Western want $50 a night non-refundable for our dog Ricky! We were thrilled when we called Motel 6 to hear that there is no charge for the dog, and they have a lovely pool. Although the rooms are pretty basic, the beds are comfortable and the motel is in a fairly quiet area, so we should get a good night’s sleep.

We will be up bright and early (4:00 am) to get across the border at daybreak, so that we can make as good a time driving as possible. We are heading for Navajoa, which is halfway to Mazatlan. Navjoa is 372 miles away, which should take around 7 or 8 hours.

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