Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mazatlan: A Walk down Memory Lane

We slept in until 5:30 this morning, and were on the road by 6:00 am. The great thing about early morning is the light traffic. Fortunately, we had loaded up on snacks before leaving the U.S., and we enjoyed our breakfast of granola bars and potato chips as we headed down the highway. A little tip for anyone who might try this trip: the OXXO stores are just like 7-11 stores back home, you can get pretty much anything! Bryce got a good cup of coffee for the road, and I filled up my thermos with hot water for my tea for about $1.00.

Following Mexico highway 15 is much like taking the I-5 south from the Canadian border all the way to California. As long as you stay on 15, you won’t get lost, and it is the quickest, most direct route south. However, the tolls do add up, particularly as you get closer to Mazatlan.

We arrived in Mazatlan at 12:30, and decided to visit our old haunts, when we used to drive our motorhome down for 5 years in a row, and camp on the beach for Christmas Break. Just before reaching Mazatlan, we took the cutoff that goes to the beaches north of the city. We ate at one of our favourite restaurants on Cerritos beach, enjoying shrimp fajitas,  Bryce ordering his extra spicy!
Happy at Cerritos Beach, Mazatlan

Surfer at Cerritos Beach
We dropped in to see if our friends, Ron and Georgia were still staying at Maravillas RV Park. They have been spending their winters there for over 20 years. Sure enough, Georgia was out on her patio enjoying a mani/pedi from the woman who brings this service to you!
After enjoying a nice visit, and seeing how the RV park right on the beach is still exactly the same, even though there are huge condos built all around it, we headed south to find our hotel for the night at Isla Piedro. In order to get here, we had to drive 15 miles south of town, then head back toward town on a long peninsula that heads back toward town. This is a very remote area, it took us an hour to get here down a dirt road through coconut plantations. It is a beautiful beach, with small hotels and RV parks, but few services. We enjoyed another delicious shrimp meal at the hotel restaurant before settling in for the night.
The sunset from our hotel

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