Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Our New Home

On Christmas Day this year, we received an email from the property management company here in PV (as we locals call Puerto Vallarta). Apparently the owner of the condo that we were to rent was not taking care of the building, the other tenants were taking him to court, and so we were not going to be able to stay there. Hmmm, this was not a good Christmas present! Homeless in Mexico does not sound like a good thing! “Don’t worry about a thing, we will find you a place for the same price that you will like even better.” This is where faith comes in, we either trust that God will work out all of the puzzle pieces of our lives or we don’t. In this situation, both Bryce and I prayed about it, and decided to trust God to work things out.

When we got here yesterday, we met with the owner of the management company, Alex, who assured us that we would love the place that he had in mind to show us. He brought us up to Conchas Chinas, which is just south of town  a couple of miles. He brought us to a quiet little neighbourhood of different condo buildings built on a hillside looking over the bay. We climbed up three flights of stairs, which is not that easy for Bryce, but when he opened the door, we both gasped in delight at the beautiful sight. The entire condo is open, with the front room, dining room and kitchen opening out onto a huge balcony that goes across the entire front of the condo. The master bedroom has a huge sliding door that also opens to the patio. Both the master and the guest bedroom have king sized beds, there is a large soaker tub in the master bedroom, but here is the kicker. There is our own private pool on the balconey! We can paddle in the pool and look down on the bay, or at night enjoy the city lights. We just sat out there in the dark tonight and drank it all in. We are grateful to God and to Alex for making this happen for us. It turns out that this place is worth a lot more than we are paying, but because they had to cancel our original agreement, they gave us this great deal. We just have to figure out how to get it at this price again next year!

The view from our condo

Our pool - not quite big enough to swim laps, but a good way to cool off!

kitchen and dining room taken from the patio: look, no walls!

patio looking toward the front room and pool


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