Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Magical, Mystical Marrackech

We are in the land of the Beduoins, where the amazing night sky makes one think of Lawrence of Arabia, elegant women in veils and wandering desert nomads!

We arrived at our hotel just in time for breakfast after a sleepless night on the train. Every time that we started to drop off to sleep, the train would either stop (which seemed like every half hour) or toot its whistle or both! The train was clean and safe, though, and the beds clean and comfortable.

Our hotel was a welcome oasis at the end of a crazy journey, and we were thrilled to see that is was just as beautiful as promised, with a great patio off our room and lovely patios and pool.

It's a bit far from town, but that's a small price to pay for the peace and quiet! We caught a cab into town and spent the day at the Souk (market). This is a most amazing experience, as the souk takes up 25 square kilometers within the walls of the medina (town), with twists and turns and many branches. We were careful to keep our eye on specific landmarks, and to not take any branches, as people have reported getting lost in there!

Leather products abound, and we had fun shopping for shoes


figs and nuts.

We even visited the snake charmer! Bryce wasn't too impressed when the charmer wrapped the snake around his neck,

but it was pretty cool to see the cobra rise up as the charmer played his flute.

The cobra did strike at someone who got too close to take its picture. I sure hope it has been defanged!

Sights, smells and sounds assaulted us from every angle as the smell of rich spices intermingled with horse and donkey dung and the sounds of "madam, come look, it doesn't cost anything to look!" greeted us at every stall.

The magic of this place will stay with us forever!



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