Sunday, 21 September 2014

Montpelier to Barcelona

What bliss, to have a completely relaxing day. After walking across the street to buy our breakfast supplies, we enjoyed a leisurely meal beside the pool. Our only job for the day was to return our little Fiat by 3:00 pm and get to the train station.

After packing and spending some time getting organized for the Spanish leg of our trip, we headed back to the super marché to get some sliced chicken to add to the baguette and cheese, and to spend another leisurely hour besided the pool. Since we were all packed, we decided to head to the rental car return an hour early, telling ourselves that we might as well relax at the train station.

Montpelier is a lovely old city, but after driving around and around the same city block for an hour looking for the rental return place, we were both ready to scream! Adding to our frustration was that it was a very warm day, and we were both starting to lose our good humour. After stopping and asking for directions a couple of times, we were finally told that the rental agency was INSIDE the train station! Argh! No wonder the GPS had us driving around and around the same block!

The train station at Montpelier was modern and clean, but nowhere as comfortable as the one in London. There was a shortage of places to sit down, and it was very hot inside. We did, however, find a little café that had tables, so Bryce bought a double expresso, and we sat and relaxed while waiting for our train.

The rapid transit trains are painted in delightful designs. I loved this flower power version!

After our experience on the London-Paris train with the two chatty Cathy's, we decided to spring for first class going to Barcelona, and we were glad that we did. It was very comfortable, and the 3 hour ride went very quickly.

Giant loaves of bread

We arrived at our hotel around 8:00, but fortunately, there is some sort of music festival going on right beside the hotel, so after unpacking we went out to join the fun. We enjoyed a falafel from a street cart and bought our bread and cheese for tomorrow's breakfast before settling in for the night.

Giant sized buns!


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