Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Loving Lisbon Day 6: Awesome Aquarium

I haven't been to the aquarium since my own children were small, and since my big kid was excited to see the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, we set off to see the Lisbon Aquarium. Since it was a beautiful sunny day, we enjoyed strolling the grounds and the river walk that Expo 98 once occupied.

The Lisbon aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, housed in two buildings, one a temporary exhibit, created by different artists from other countries, and a large permanent exhibit, which is the most beautiful that I have ever seen. Every imaginable fish is represented, with the tropical fish in an 180,000 cubic foot tank with windows on two floors, allowing for easy visibility from every angle. My favourite was the sunfish, as I have never seen one of these before! It is very odd looking, one of the largest fish in the tank, looks almost square, and doesn't appear to have a tail at all!

There were also some interesting species in smaller tanks around the outside wall of the aquarium, such as seahorses, anemones and jellyfish.

After leaving the aquarium, we rode the overhead gondola to the opposite end of the park and caught our bus home for a rest before heading out for the evening.

Our evening walk included many, many stairs, as we wanted to climb to where the church ruins were and catch some great photos in the setting sun. As the church was closed for the day, we would have to return tomorrow in order to enjoy the treasures held inside.

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