Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Priceless Porto

Although we loved Lisbon, we were ready for new adventures, and set off on the train to Porto. We were especially delighted with our seats, as we were the only ones to get  private face to face seats with a table between us. This made for a comfortable trip for me, as I was able to take my shoes off and put them on Bryce's lap for the entire trip! Now if that's not love, I don't know what is!

Our new apartment is much bigger and brighter than our last one, and we are just thrilled with it. It is in a beautiful historic building, around 200 years old, with beautiful hardwood floors, woodwork throughout, and 12 foot ceilings. However, it is on the second floor, which means that Bryce gets to climb even more stairs than ever! He's a great sport about it though, and the exercise is good for him!

Porto is famous for two reasons: One being that this area produces the famous Porto wine, which we won't be sampling, and two, it has been elected the best European destination by the Best European Destinations Agency (Whoever that is!).

 Just around the corner from our apartment is the lovely but kind of creepy looking Santo Ildefonoso Cathedral. A lovely couple from Poland offered to take our picture in front. Afterward we had a lovely visit, and they told us that they come here for the wine. Apparently it's wonderful! We'll stick to the gelato, thanks.

The next day, the cathedral was open, and we were completely delighted to see the beauty inside. A beautiful peace settled over us as we slid into a pew and allowed the organ music to wash over us.

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